We’ve designed our fun and unique programming to be flexible and offer a little bit of something for everyone. Join us for a single class or participate in as many events as you choose. As we’re always looking for new ideas that might be on your wish list, reach out and share your interests because quite likely, others in the Tend Community are bound to be interested too!


Taking time together. Online or in person, we hope you’ll join us for fun, games, creativity, conversation, insight, or inspiration. Try something new, build on a favorite skill, or share a unique talent with us. We can’t wait to welcome you!


Tend aims help you tap into something potent and give you an outlet to share it with others. We believe the community of women – our stories, our strength, our sisterhood – is pivotal to creating change.

Let us help you make self-care a priority and tend to your mind, body, and spirit. Our holistic events are focused on achieving balance in all areas of our often full-to-bursting lives.

Come along with us to find your next “aha” moment! Indulge your curiosity and explore your sense of adventure by traveling with Tend to a new place in your imagination or out of your current comfort zone.





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