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What We Do

We’ve designed our fun and unique programming to be flexible and offer a little bit of something for everyone. You can join us for a single class, or participate in as many events as you choose. As we’re always looking for new ideas that might be on your wish list, reach out and share your interests because quite likely, others in the Tend Community are bound to be interested too!


To Gather

It’s a virtual party for now, but we can still enjoy being social beings in an online setting. Join us for a game or challenge, indulge in some casual chat, or delve into guided discussion on topics that stimulate meaningful conversation. You’ll be in good company and we can’t wait to welcome you!




Whether it’s down the block or across the globe, there’s important work to be done in our communities. We believe there is untapped power in the community of women. We’re here to educate and inspire, or just provide a safe place to ask questions or have the difficult conversations about what’s happening in our world. Civic engagement, social justice, advocacy, and volunteer work – all can be a part of your Tend Community experience.



Even when we consciously know the importance of tending to our mind, body, and spirit, it can be challenging for women to practice self-care. Make it a priority to pay attention to your own needs in the company of your Tend community. These holistic events are about embracing soulful health and experiencing balance in all areas of our often full-to-bursting lives.



Want to expand your creativity, your personal skills or your horizons? We’ve got you covered! It might be exploring a new subject, inspiring your artistic side, going on an adventure, or traveling to a place inside your imagination or outside your comfort zone. Indulge your curiosity, cultivate your creativity, and come along with us to experience your next awestruck or “aha” moment!

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