Who We Are

TEND was founded in the Seattle area by a group of like-minded women. We offer events, programs, and classes that bring women together to build community and connection. Our mission is to provide experiences that engage, educate, entertain, and empower women to cultivate authentic relationships, find joy, spark creativity, and provide support for each other along the way. By inspiring growth and agency in ourselves and in our community, we can transform the world in meaningful ways.

Meet the TEND Team

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Sabrina Bates
 Founding Member


Sabrina is an includer and connector. Introducing people and seeing them become friends, makes her heart happy. As an educator, historian, and self-professed comedian, she yearns to see joy in the faces of those around her.Her favorite things to TEND to are her: husband, dogs, friends, travel plans, and her work with gun violence prevention.

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Tammy is an observer, go-getter, and a "collector" of many trades. She enjoys listening, learning and helping others. A bit quiet and shy at first, but when she gets to know you, she will be your warrior defender. Photography, travel, animal-loving and walking for a cause are her TEND faves.

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Clown, caretaker and all-around cool cat. (Or at least she thinks so!) Margaret is passionate about people and what makes them tick. She is a little bit Buddhist with a whole lot of truth-teller and a smidgen of realist. Come to her with problems and leave with possibility... These are a few of her favorite TENDS: her man, her pup, her family, and her pals from work.

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Margaret Meyer
 Founding Member


Sue Whitcomb


A believer in the untapped potential of fierce female power, Sue tends toward intensity. She loves hearing the stories that women tell, and then celebrating and helping to channel the strength and resiliency they come to recognize in themselves. She’s an accidentally-retired communications consultant, does a lot of needlepoint, and follows politics way too closely to be allowed in polite company.

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